Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tomato Feta Salad

I came up with this recipe because I don't really care for caprese salad. I don't actually like basil, and I think that mozzerella cheese (fresh or not) is tasteless. This salad is the ultimate to me in flavor. It must be mixed *just* before you serve it. If you toss it early, the vinegar will breakdown the tomatoes and it will be ugly and mushy. But - tossing it just before you put it on the table - everyone will ask for the recipe :)

- Sweet beefsteak type tomatoes - like the variety Tomato Glamour - fresh from the garden - cut in bite sized pieces
- Crumbled Feta cheese
- the best balsalmic vinegar you can afford

I mix the tomatoes and feta at a ratio of about 5 parts tomato to 1 part feta. Drizzle with vinegar just a little heavier than you would for a green salad.

That's it! Such an easy side, especially if you have a few tomato plants and you have tomatoes coming out your ears. The feta cheese is salty already, so you don't need more salt. If you favor black pepper, you could try some - black pepper is not my thing, but maybe you'll like it. Try it without to start.