Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation - BBQ at the Mudges

We made it all the way to NH last night! Rick was able to get out and home before 3, but when I called the car people they said they couldn't get us a car until 4. Bummer. Would have loved to get a jump on the traffic. I went over at 3:40 figuring it would take some time to get the paperwork done etc, etc. By 4 I was in front of our buiding, loading in all the stuff we took with us. It was stop and go during the section of 95 - but over all not too bad.

We got to Manchester around 10:15 or so, and only had 2 stops. We called the Sheraton Four Points in Manchester and got a room for the night. We had made a reservation there for Saturday night, so it was nice that we didn't have to move. The hotel was pretty nice - looked like it had been renovated recently.

We were thinking we'd have a late dinner at the restaurant in the hotel - the front desk guy said that it would be open for 15 more minutes or so - but when we got there it had closed at 10. We had a couple of beers and some chicken fingers while watching the Red Sox beat Oakland in the 13th inning, and listening to a guy who used to live in the Upper East Side and now lives in Boston.

In the morning I went over to Panera to get coffee and scones. It was kind of funny because I ordered the 2 scones and the 2 large coffees - remember this is before being properly caffinated - and the chick behind the counter says $6.68. I said "No - I need TWO scones and TWO large coffees" thinking that must have only been for 1. Nope it was for 2 - I've just been brain washed while living in Manhattan where, when Ann was visiting and I picked up 4 baked items (and no coffee) it was $15 at the local bakery.

We got to Rick's parents house early and I spent some time prepping some veggies and dip, as well as some grilled shrimp. It was nice to be a part of the pre-party party :) People started showing up at noon, and we got to see Laura and Bill along with their daughters, the boyfriends and grand kids; Kim and Bill along with Lizzy; Deanna and Danielle, my parents came along with Jim and Lynn and Jillian, and Ann and Mike came with Matt and Dan - Ann arrived via the Pathfinder, and Mike arrived via the sailboat. Everyone ate a lot!

Rick's parents invited us to come back on Sunday where they were going to be doing it all over again for the Danville Baptist Church. I wonder if they got any sleep that weekend... We declined and made our way to Portsmouth.