Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation - Moving to the Main Inn

I have plans today to see Kathleen for lunch, and Rick is meeting his Mom in Manchester for lunch. We are moving from the Annex to the Main Inn, so we have to pack everything up, and get it in the car before Rick leaves. It is raining like a banchee outside, and I don't really have a place to hang since we don't have a room, so I'm in the lobby for a while. After a half hour or so, I even got a seat :) The hotel was able to get our room ready by 11:30 which was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, Kathleen had a production problem at work, so had to cancel our lunch. I made my way to the pub (yes, it's still raining) and had some steamers - they were sweet and delicious. Rick got back from lunch, and we moved all the bags from the car to the new room.
We love staying in certain oceanfront rooms in the main inn as they have balconies facing the water with a roof from the balcony above. If it rains, we can sit out and enjoy the ocean even in weather not conducive to beach going. In torrential downpours, however, everyone is out of luck :)