Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Union Square Green Market

Today is amazing - sunny, not too hot, not humid - just about 80. It has been so hot for so long, this just feels like a breeze of Fall. I know - who'da thunk that 80 would feel like Fall???

I made my way to the Union Square Green Market - it's the only farmers market open all year long in the city, but this is HARVEST TIME so I'm thinking that now is the time where there will be the most variety :)

I made a pit stop at Filene's Basement and DSW before going through the stalls. Here is the view from Filenes on the 4th floor. You can see some of the tents for the stalls in the lower left hand side, but they actually ring the entire square. I only made it around half of the stalls.

You know, really browsing the goods - it's so gorgeous. I loved this in Portsmouth, too. The colors and textures. The flowers are really the best.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get all this variety of veggies everyday? I guess you have to live in California for that :)
I was going to buy some of these pattypans - they are so hard to grow - but the line was about 12 people long - I left them there... Looks like New Yorkers now know what to do about the squash avalanche that comes this time of year - pick the flowers! I think people stuff them with soft cheese, bread them and fry them. Kind of like a jalapeno popper without the jalapeno :)

I bought a couple ears of corn - I feel pretty confident that it wasn't picked this morning, but maybe yesterday afternoon :) Since the line was short, I also got a couple of small yellow squash too.

The markets also had lots of places with fresh baked goods, artisan cheeses, organic grass fed beef, organic lamb, organic eggs....there were even a few fish stalls! Also, if you feel like you need more variety, there is a huge Whole Foods store here too. If the 4/5/6 wasn't so busy and crowded, I would come here 2x a week :)