Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coney Island

We woke up today and the weather was gorgeous - sunny and not too humid. I made some omlettes with sauteed onion and yellow sqaush, some american cheese and some fresh tomatos. Knowing Rick would be happier with a little meat, I added some sausage links on the side. The sauteed veggies were really sweet, and the tomatoes were too. I like veggie omlettes.
We decided to make our way to Coney Island - only a few more weekends of summer, and it's got to be more fun in the summer than in the winter - right? According to the web, it should take about 45 minutes from mid-town. I feel pretty confident that it took longer than that to get there, but I didn't look at my watch when I left. I read in one of my NYC books, that if you take the Q train, that you get a nice view on the way over and can see the other beaches in that area as well. We looked for the Q at 59th street, but only found the N R and W. The N would work, but no views. Somewhere along the way the N and the Q crossed and there happened to be a Q train waiting going in our direction, so we hopped over. There were a lot of stops in Brooklyn - and ours was the last one. It was nice to be above ground - it kind of reminded me of the green line on the T. Here is what we saw when we approached Coney Island -

We walked along the boardwalk - it was a traditional boardwalk made with actual boards. You need to keep your eyes open - those boards aren't too even.

We decided to take a ride on the Wonder Wheel. It has stationary carriages and those that swing in and out of the wheel - so it's different than any other ferris wheel I've ever been on...below you can see the cars that are toward the inside of the wheel - those are the ones that swing. And those are the ones we rode on!

As we swung from the outter part of the wheel to the inner part of the wheel and back, we heard the little girls ahead of us screaming - I think they were surprised :) I said "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" and the people in the stationary car ahead of us looked back at us each time I said it....ok maybe they glared at me - who knows?
We walked out and had some really bad shish-ke-babs - avoid those if you go. Then we walked over to the pier. Lots of people were fishing and drinking beer and generally talking loud (guess those fish aren't afraid of a little human noise :).

There were some people with small crab traps - I thought it was funny because they were baiting them with raw chicken legs (no kidding). I kinda thought that was like gambling since if you cooked the chicken, you could eat that and didn't need the crabs. This guy was pulling in his trap and he had about 8 crabs in there, but he tossed them all back. Too small?

The view of Coney Island was pretty as you walked back from the pier.

We took the train back - the train station at Coney Island is really pretty and I meant to take a picture of it, but some how missed that. We left at 1:45 (figuring our sunburns were nicely renewed from vacation) and got home around 3:45. We took the Q into Union Station and the 4/5/6 was jammed with people - we were able to squeeze into the next express train, but lots of people didn't make it in. I thought this would be quicker as there are fewer stops, but sometimes things just take longer in the city!