Sunday, August 24, 2008

Central Park Zoo

Yesterday Rick and I made our way to the Central Park Zoo. $8 for adults gets you into the park, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the animals and the habitats created for them. We started in the Tropical Rain Forest - there was a building created to keep the heat and humidity in for birds, snakes and stuff like that. The flowers were pretty and we were able to see the well known Jungle Chicken. It was well known to Rick - I had never heard of a Jungle Chicken, but he assured me it was nice to be able to see one :) We also got to see the Jungle Pigeon, but I didn't get a picture of that.

There were many many beautiful birds in different hues - almost like someone had pulled out the crayola 64 box and spend a few afternoons coloring them in.

Next we came upon the turtle pond - there was quite a little turtle party going on - I thought I saw them smiling and satisfied :)

I think my favorite was the polar bear. Although, he too may have been in his habitat too long, he spent all the time we were there swimming back and forth, back and forth. He starts at the waters edge - smells to the left and and right, and once satisfied he is alone, leans back in to a Nestea-plunge. You can see in the shot below he even occassionally will let his tounge lol around.

We also saw the sea otters being fed, and the sea lion came out when we got to his pool to swim for us.

After spending a couple of hours looking at all the exhibits, we found a nice bench in the shade, and had a hot dog. The souvenier trolley in front of us did a brisk business - I was surprised that all the boys wanted the stuffed bats (they were cool), and the girls went for the spray bottle - slash - fan (??? no idea why). I would have gotten the polar bear myself if I had a place to put it :)