Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation - Portsmouth to the Beach

I woke up early today, and since we were on the "Club Floor" and all figured I'd get me some free coffee. It was supposed to be set up from 6:30 - 9:00, but at 6:45 the setup was continuing. I poked around the little club room - it has a great view of the harbor, and the Sunday papers were still there from the previous day - even the NY Post (which I've decided is the most fun of all the NY Sunday papers) including the page 6 insert (with all the lifestyle articles). I was pumped since Rick was still sleeping. I brought a couple cups of coffee back (in case Rick woke up) and proceeded to drink them both myself. By the time I was ready to get more, Rick was ready for his own cup :)

We decided to go to the Friendly Toast for breakfast and have one of those most amazing Breakfast Burritos. These burritos are made with scrambled eggs, black beans, salsa, guacamole and cilantro paste, and are wrapped up in yummy tortillas that are grilled. They come with homefries, and ours were perfect - they must have been sitting on the griddle since 4 am - crunchy and caramelized - just perfect. We went back to the Sheraton (it's all walking distance) and chilled for a few moments before starting to repack our suit cases for the next stop.

We got everything packed and into the car, and made our way to do a few errands (the storage area, bank, etc) and went back to downtown for lunch at the Ferry Landing. I had a Jimmy Juice and a fried clam appetizer (tons of the good stuff - fried clams - and none of the fill - the fries) and Rick had one of the specials - a rib eye sandwich with fries. He found it tough to eat as the steak wasn't cut well, and he decided that next time he will stick with the Ferry Burger.
We took the scenic route to York via the Kittery outlets - I had a couple of returns to make at Eddie Bauer - and made a stop at the grocery store for the appropriate vacation beach junk food.

We are at the Union Bluff now - tonight and tomorrow we are in the annex and then on Wednesday we get to move to the main inn. The main inn is so much nicer - especially with the decks and the deck chairs available for reading the afternoon away.
Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous weather! Looking forward to it!