Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation - more rain

In the mornings we found there was less rain - I usually got up earlier, and made my way to Clara's Cupcake Cafe. Rick got used to having coffee in bed with a lemon poppy scone, and I enjoyed the hand made crullers. The cafe made all their baked goods on site, and supplies the restaurant above with fresh bread and desserts. It's a tough proposition since the beach is always incredibly humid, and that is not a good thing when you are talking about baked goods but Lydia Shire (the chef/owner of both locales) spent good money keeping the cafe air conditioned.

We read a lot - the beach reads we brought were great entertainment and we didn't end up using my laptop to watch the DVDs we brought. I enjoyed reading about Repairman Jack, Sookie Stackhouse and Lt. Eve Dallas - such fun. And we stuck close to the hotel - it was very nice that there was a pub and restaurant on site.

We did stop next door on Thursday night were a jazz and blues singer was at the Blue Sky restaurant - Ellen O'Brien from the Blue Note in Boston. She was smooth and wonderful - I would have loved to have a seat where we could actually watch her perform, but those were all taken. It was really nice because she started at 7:30, so we weren't too tired to enjoy it. We ordered the Mai Tais - We laughed that there wasn't a K-Mart nearby, as we used to order Mai Tais at the Typei and Tokyo in Portsmouth, and it required a stroll through K-Mart prior to going home.