Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation - The Drive Up

We are renting a car from Budget to drive up to NH tonight. If we aren't able to leave until late, then I have a flyer with hotel locations in it. We'll make our way to Manchester, NH for a party at Rick's mom's house tomorrow. It'll be great to see them, and Rick's sisters and their families. Also my parents are planning to come, and Ann will be coming on the sail boat with her family. Should be a very nice time!
Kinda funny that the weekend getaway on Samantha Brown's travel show was Seacoast New Hampshire on TiVo :) She went to Flo's Hot Dog's, the Friendly Toast, the Portsmouth Brewery and Jumpin Jay's. It was good to see all the haunts since I was packing for our own trip to seacoast NH!