Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation - OMG! The sun is actually there!

Saturday morning we were pleased to see the sun!! Even from the covered porch you can see the gorgeousness of the beach.

We invited family to come visit us at the beach, and Deanna, Danielle and Michele came by to sit in the sand with us. Michele made us a wonderful chocolate sourcream cake with chocolate chips! (If she happens to share this recipe, I'll be sure to post it!) She put birthday candles in it for an early birthday celebration (thankfully not 1 for each year :), but they did't light in the breezy beach air. No matter - the cake was gorgeous and delicious! She brought a sweet gift as well. I am a lucky girl!

The sun was strong, and even though we put on SPF 50, the sun left our skin red and raw. When we gave up on the sun, needing just a little break, it hid away in the clouds.
Tonight we used the reservations I made via Open Table for dinner at the Blue Sky. We showed up about a 1/2 hour early, and they weren't quite ready yet, so we sat in the bar and ordered one of Lydia's favorite Mai Tais.
We were seated shortly, and perused the menu. I was surprised when the waiter said he had to put in the entire order (both apps and entrees) at the same time. We took our time, enjoying our drinks and the pretty atmosphere. Rick ordered for us - I got the clams casino to start, and the grilled stuffed lobster for dinner. He got the Ribiola Ravioli with browned sage butter to start, and Chicken under a brick for dinner. It was all very very tasty!