Sunday, September 7, 2008

Third Avenue Street Fair

After I left Dave and Michele waiting for their bus yesterday, I made my way back to the upper east side, and was pleasantly surprised to be reminded that the Third Avenue Street Fair was today! It was from 59th street to 86th street - a very big fair!! With such perfect weather I decided I needed to get out. Rick was stuck doing homework, and it would be better if I was out and about so he could concentrate.

This fair had a lot of back to school stuff (back packs, socks, underwear) and back to college (curtains, sheets, handbags, jewelry, and these big strange woven bowls that looked like they came from Asia or China).

A section of the fair was like an end of season sale for the clothing - kinda like Market Square Day on Market Street in Portsmouth:) And well - what's a street fair without food?

This fair had the usual skewers and fries and onion rings and sausage subs with peppers and onions. But also, Thai selections ($1 each?) and Greek (I was going to bring home baclava until the woman ahead of me ordered the Greek Custard - I'd never tried that, so I brought that home instead :), and home made pickles (yup brought home some home made half sour pickles - yum!), fried funnel cakes, and yes, fried oreo cookies (no, I didn't try this travesty. Should I have? Actually, I didn't have the $5 at that point.). Many more food types - I was pleasantly surprised by the variety.

I did get 2 cashmere scarves for $15, and a leopard print pashmina for $5. Then I came upon a purple striped scarf - it had gathers to make more of a pattern and a simple ruffle around the outside - yes, bought that too.

Michele would have liked shopping here - maybe next year :)