Sunday, August 1, 2010

Union Bluff Hotel, Short Sands

Morning at the beach - the sand is empty of all the beach goers (they are still drinking coffee like we are) and the air is salty and fresh. After enjoying quiet time on the balcony, we made our way to the Union Grill for breakfast. Be sure you are ready to relax when you come here in the morning - it's all about relaxation, and a slooooowwww experience. The lobster benedict was divine!

I made plans to hook up with Isabel for lunch at Inn on the Blues. We had the fish burrito - so delish!! The Mojito was pretty awesome too!
We spent lots of time at the Union Bluff patio as in the afternoon there was some shade and a gentle breeze - perfect for a snack and a good book! If you have steamers, be sure you wipe your fingers before you turn the page :)
I also got to meet Kathleen for cocktails and snacks. We started at the Blue Sky - she had the cosmo, and I had the Mai Tai - they have a Mai Tai to die for! We also had mussels - they were really fabulous! Cooked in wine, with a very mild and sweet maple sausage, caramelized onions and pieces of brie, we were seriously considering having a second order! We ended up moving to the aforementioned Union Grill for Lobster Flat bread and Edemame. I'd never had Edemame, and these are really good! They were seasoned with garlic, chives and sea salt. You open the pods, and eat the pea sized soy beans inside. The pods pile up like little carcasses, but you do feel a bit virtuous for such a healthy snack!
Our time at York Beach was full of smiles, good books, good friends and good food! A significant amount of sun too!