Monday, August 2, 2010

Water Country, hmmm hmmm have some fun!

After York Beach, we met my parents and Jillian at Water Country! Jillian was SO EXCITED to go! Jilly's Papa had to work, unfortunately, but we went all around the park :)
Jilly quickly understood the relationship of the park to the map we got at the front office, and pointed out the places she wanted to try, starting with the Pirate Ship!Rick and Pa mostly watched. I think my father was trying to prove me wrong because I had told him he would be sorry if he didn't have a swim suit. He borrowed my brothers, but he didn't put it on. He went into the Pirate ship area with Jilly, and didn't need to get wet. Rick went down the big slide with me - Wild Canyon - so much fun! Jilly and I went 4 or 5 times together :)
We stopped for lunch - Fresh Moe's Italian Subs!! Woo hoo!
By the way, I'm still using aloe for my sunburn...