Thursday, August 6, 2009

Broadway in Bryant Park and Statue of Liberty

I woke Danielle up today after 11:30 - I wanted to go to Broadway in Bryant Park, and it started at 12:30. I figured I could pry her tweeney butt out of bed and into shorts by noon, and we could pick up lunch on the way. We got some Burger King, and found a table on the terrace. The show started with the Marvelous Wonderettes - the show we saw with Dave and Michele (Rick's parents), and they were fun :) We decided to move closer, and heard songs from the Lion King. Mostly the songs were too soft - the sound needed to be turned way up. We decided to move on to the Statue of Liberty.

We took the 4 train to Bowling Green and walked through Battery Park. It was pretty over cast, and actually just cool enough. Yesterday was *so hot* so today was a treat!

Yes - I practically had to bribe Danielle with ice cream to get this pciture (after I paid the dude the $5 fee). We got a couple shots - this was the most fun :)

We came back on the 5 train, and got off at Grand Central. Danielle agreed to more photos :)
We went home and watched most of The Tale of Despereaux. Danielle decided she was REALLY hungry so we went to Dukes for dinner and Rick met us there. She liked the root beer and piggly wigglys, and the burger after. I think she would agree to go there again sometime.
Danielle is ready for her trip home - we will be getting up at 5:30 am tomorrow to catch a bus to Boston. Grammy Michele and Grampy Dave are coming to pick her up and bring her home. I think she will miss us when she gets home :) Rick and I will miss her.