Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Danielle Is Tired

Danielle said last night that she would like to go to the Today Show and maybe get on TV. We went to bed around 10:30, and I gave her a shake around 6:15. She was a girl barely awake, but still dragged herself out of bed. She wanted to check this out. Unfortunately it was a busy news day, and only one segment showed the crowd. We missed out on our 15 minutes of fame :(

After we watched Mamma Mia on DVD, we went to lunch. Danielle was pretty tired, but pulled it together for the camera. Next we went to Nail City for a mani/pedi. Danielle was excited to get her toes and fingers painted - she picked navy blue for her toes, and a bright pink for her fingers. I had the bright pink for both.

After we relaxed a bit, we got ready for the show and dinner. We went to Ciro's Trattoria for dinner and met Rick there. I think it was Danielle's favorite so far - she had chicken parmesean and pasta, and a shirley temple :)

And after dinner we saw Shrek at the Broadway Theater. We had great seats - mid orchestra - very close to the stage :) There were a TON of kids at the show, but they were pretty well behaved. The Fiona character and the Donkey character were played by the understudies, but were still pretty good. The Shrek character and the Lord Farquar character were played by the casted actors, and they were really wonderful. It wasn't until the end that you could see that the actor playing Lord Farquar was actually taller than the actor who played Shrek :) It was a very well written show, and the sets were fantastic. I enjoyed it and I think Rick and Danielle did too!