Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday - it was nice to get phone calls and emails from friends and family. I did a little pick up in the morning, and decided to head to the farmers market before my interview at noon. I picked up some tomatoes, corn, carrots, cilantro, some jingle bell peppers (colored small peppers) and a new mint plant. I decided to take the train back - it was hot and I figured what the heck.

After the interview (which went well!), I decided to go out for lunch. Rick was in the middle of something at work, so I went on my way. I stopped at City Crab. I'd been there before, but after waiting near the door for the matre'd for a while, I just left. This time I'd read on the internet it was pretty good, and there were other people there too, so I swung in. I had a Sam Summer on tap, and ordered steamers. They were fresh and fabulous, so I decided to get a lobster, too! What an awesome birthday lunch :) When I walked back into the building, Plinio, our doorman, met me with the mail and wished me a happy birthday - a very pleasant surprise. Turns out Rick mentioned it to him the prior day, and he remembered. Very sweet.

Rick came home with a birthday cake. We cut it first. The cake was from Zaro's in Grand Central, but it wasn't very good. Rick was disappointed. We didn't end up eating the cake, but it was good to blow out the candle. He had already put together the Wii so we could play together with out all the set up. I think he let me win in both bowling and golf :) We need to get another nunchuk (game controller) to play the other games - we'll pick that up sometime soon. I was going to make some mexican dips, but we decided to order pizza instead - the infamous Imperial Special :) The pizza was great!