Monday, August 31, 2009

St Germain Liquor and Suzee's Summer Cocktail

After finding out more about the White Cosmopolitan at Daniel's, I did some web research on St. Germain Liquor (you know - I typed it in the google box, and read some of the links that came up on the first page). So, I found this is a new liquor made of the elder flowers found in France at the foothills of the Alps for 2 or 3 weeks out of the year. These flowers are like corn - the timer starts ticking when you pick it, so farmers work hard to get the flowers to the distillery ASAP. There are lots of recipes which use this new liquor which some feel is the "hot cocktail" for summer 2009. Good thing I found it before summer was over. You can read about the different cocktails, but here is the one I made tonight with inspiration from my research.

2 oz of Grey Goose
1 oz of St Germain
a squeeze of a quarter of a VJL (very juicy lime)
1/2 oz orange juice (what? It's all I had in the fridge!)
and shake with ice

Pour into a champagne flute with the ice, and top with sparkling water

Suzee's summer cocktail is quite an adventure I recommend!