Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alan and Matt and I had FUN!

Alan and Mathew came to NYC to celebrate their anniversary, and I was lucky enough to hook up with them when they arrived!

It was beastly hot (over 90 and 99.999% humidity on the swamp) and we bumped into Elmo! Oh man he musta been so hot!

Next we made our way to Posh, on 51st and 9th for happy hour. The bartender had to look up the recipe for Blue Hawaiians, but they came out good! I was dehydrated from the day (walking home, walking to their hotel, walking to Posh) so I stuck with Blue Moon. Good thing - when I saw how much booze was in one of those bad dogs, they would have had to roll me to dinner!
For dinner we went to Puttenesca on 56th and 9th. Open Table notes this place as a neighborhood gem, and I can see why. Mathew and I had chicken dishes - chicken parmesan and chicken franchese - both were excellent. Alan had a tortelini dish that was absolutely esquisite! The tortalinis were home made - almost tortalonis really - with panchetta, cheese and peas and a savory cream sauce. To. Die. For. GO TO PUTTENESCA! Seriously.

After dinner we chit chatted more, and I was sorry to announce it was pumpkin time, but I had to work today :( Too bad - Alan and Mathew were heading to the Sex In the City 2 premier. Anyway, I know they are having fun, and that is the most important part.

Thanks for buying me dinner guys! Next time it's on me!