Sunday, May 23, 2010

Banana Shpeel

Went out to see Banana Shpeel today - got my tix from my favorite dealer on Friday, and my seat was center orchestra! I'd never been to a Cirque Du Soliel show, so I figured what a great opportunity. There were ALOT of kids at this matinee, and they were vocal. But the show lent itself to that - a mix of an indoor circus, cabaret and human muppet characters.
The show was at the newly refurbished Beacon Theater in the Upper West side, and the seats were very tiny. Nicely recovered, but very small. Theater itself was almost museum-like in the architectural detail - absolutely beautiful. And I thought it was funny that you can buy Frozen Strawberry Daquiris and Margaritas at the theater bars in a souvenir cup.
After a very long cab ride to get to the Theater, I spotted the subway station and figured I'd just take that back. I wasn't sure where it was all oriented as I haven't spent much time in that neighborhood, but now that I know the 3 train is one stop from Times Sq to 72nd street, I can see going back for more exploration. The buildings are absolutely breathtaking.