Sunday, May 2, 2010

Framboise Lambic, Belgian Framboise Beer

I was at the store and peeked this bottle in the beer cooler. Lately I've been giving belgian beers a break. I went through a phase where they all tasted like Heinekin (barf - smelliest beer on earth), but after finding Blue Moon, which is a spiced belgian ale, I've been giving it a little more of a try.

The last one I tried was Hoegaarden (bleck), and even though I didn't care for it, I was still ready to try this one.

Today when opening it, I was surprised to find the bottle had a cap requiring a bottle opener as well as a cork. Seriously. And when I poured it in my glass, it had a big pink head of bubbles, and a rich color rivaling a kool-aid.

I took a sip, and WOO HOO was it sweet. You know those little hard candies shaped like raspberries with soft centers? You know - your Memere probably had them in a candy dish each time you visited.

Well - this tastes exactly like those candies, but with BUBBLES!

So, if you open one of these lovely bottles, know that you should serve it in a champagne glass, and have many friends with whom to share it. Really only one glass is enjoyable :)