Saturday, May 8, 2010

DBDG and The Lower East Side

We spent some time today walking around the lower east side before our reservations for DBDG. This is the New Museum which opened not too long ago - one of the first museums to open in years. Maybe next time we'll take a stroll through.

We took the 6 train to Bleeker street and it was within a couple blocks of the restaurant. We'd left a little early to walk around and to be able to make our reservation in the even there was a train issue.

We stopped at the Bowery Wine Company around the corner from DBDG, and had a glass of pinot grigio. The wind outside was stirring up lots of winter dirt sand, so it was good to step inside rather than walk around on this particular day :)
When we got to DBDG we were sat immediately in the back dining room - it was a nice room with some alcoved banquettes for larger parties. What was nice was that all the families with gobs of rugrats were in those alcoves, so the dining room was still like a dining room and not like Chucky Cheese. Bonus!

The cocktail menu includes 6 (that is S-I-X) pages of beer alone. I hadn't heard of a single solidary one, and all were over 5% alcohol. I decided I may as well have the White Cosmo from the Daniel Baloud empire :) FYI - they are quite nicer at Daniel, but ok here.

We started with the asparagus and fried egg appetizer - the egg was wrapped in a crispy coating and the liquid yolk was so delicious with the asparagus and bits of ham on the plate. I would go back for this dish alone.

Rick had the steak frites - a rib eye with wonderfully crisp french fries - and lots of 'em!

I ordered the house made cavatappi with (get this) bird song shrimps, sauteed spinach and sauce americaine (which is an alfredo with lobster essence and REALLY delicious). You can see the little rolls of pasta have these edges for capturing the lovely sauce, but as Rick pointed out, they kinda look like a bowl of Gagh. For you non Trekkies, that is the squiggly wormy things that the Klingons enjoy eating so much. I said no way - these don't move. Anyway, don't let that visual stop you from trying this dish - it really was lovely.

After we decided to stop at Slainte after for a lite beer as there were none at DBDG. It was a nice light bubble water for the ride home :) But you can see here the offer lots of full flavored options :)