Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Appliances

Foodbuzz has asked us to comment on their daily specials, and I'm happy to participate, but I gotta warn you - I'm not a gaget girl. This electric skillet is something like what my mom owns, and my MIL owns one as well.

I remember my mom making delicious pork roasts with potatoes in the skillet on Sundays. When we came back from Mass, the house was gorgeously perfumed with the amazing scent of the meat. She whipped up the rest of the meal and we sat down for Sunday dinner. Those were yummy.

My MIL makes these sausages with onions and peppers - she browns the sausages, and then adds water to just cover them, and simmers them until the water is gone. I'm not sure when she adds the veggies. But she makes this dish for family gatherings - it's really savory - like a bite of a sausage sub from a fair, but better :)

Despite these great eating experiences, I don't own an electric skillet and I never have. I definitely do not have room for one here now. But I've always been a pan and stove kinda girl anyway :) They are easier to clean and you know how I feel about cleaning!