Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chelsea Market and Rachel Ray!

After our wine tasting at Del Posto, we took the time to visit the Chelsea Market. I'd compare this to a Fanuel Hall in Boston - lots of great places to get food (not quite so squishy which is NICE!), and unlike Fanuel Hall, lots of stores with amazing ingredients!!!

Right up front we found Rachel Ray signing autographs. It was about 4:30 and she was on schedule till 5:00. I did't think we could get through the line for a signed book, so we didn't wait. I was able to snap this quick photo!

Visting the Chelsea Market looks a little like this:

We visited Buon Italia, a gorgeous Italian Market with more types of olive oil than you count. These crates are all olive oils.

I stopped into The Lobster Place - Rick refused - too smelly - I found lots of great fresh fish. We were planning to go out for dinner so I wasn't interested in actually buying something, but I was interested in understanding what I could get there. LOTS OF GREAT FISH!! I would be able to get Chilean Sea Bass for less than I could have in Portsmouth, but at the same price as Cod. Kinda funny:)

Great foodie experience! I got some cook shaped pasta, and an interesting chocolate for later :)