Saturday, October 11, 2008

Food and Wine Festival - Ruffino Wine Tasting

Today we made our way to the meat packing district to attend the Ruffino Wine Tasting as a part of the Food and Wind Festival in New York City. We bought tickets back in June. I knew this was one of those things I wanted to attend. Heck - if I still lived in Portsmouth, I'd want to come just for the weekend!
This wine tasting was at Del Posto. A beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous private room in the basement. We got there about a 1/2 hour early. I wasn't sure what to expect since usually activities in NYC are pretty well attended, and I didn't want to be in the back of the room. We sat up front and were greeted with eight gorgeous Sangiovese wines from Ruffino - vintages 1985 to 2004 - the special reveserve gold.
Adolfo Folonari was the speaker - the CEO of Ruffino Wines. He gave us a complete history of wines in the Tuscan area of Italy, and the family history of Folonari and why he was the CEO of Ruffino rather than Folonari. He suggested we start from the oldest to the youngest. Initially I thought hmmmmm.... that's strange ......... But after tasting I do appreciate why. You taste from the more delicate to the more strong. the older Sangioveses were delicate and the younger ones were strong. I think after 10 years, I really don't prefer these wines - they are not nearly as nice. Which I suppose is good since I no longer have a wine cellar!!
I very much enjoyed this wine tasting, and we headed over to the Chelsea Market (just across the street) after. A very fun time!!!