Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Afternoon in Central Park

What a beautiful day. We finished our chores around the house and decided to go to the park to read a little bit and enjoy the sunshine. I thought about taking pictures on the way over on 91st street. There were beautiful brownstones, each with their own stoop, all decorated for fall. One entrance actually had stuffed blackbirds wired to the wrought iron rail. Very eerie!!

We made it to the entrance of the running track - a beautiful memorial is here. Rick was happy to take a seat. His sneakers were not working very well today.

We walked around in the park and enjoyed the day - it was a little too cool for sitting around for long, and we decided that lunch was important. On the way back I snapped a couple of shots of the tiny gardens on the side streets - all dressed up for Fall. Very pretty :)