Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cilantro's on Saturday

We puttered a bit this morning and then went out for a walk and lunch/brunch. Brunch is a national pasttime found in Manhattan - I think because everyone sleeps in on the weekend :) I wanted to hit the grocery store on our walk as I watched a Samantha Brown Weekend Getaway on TiVo and it was on Tuscany. I was craving a nice bean stew with some crusty bread for dinner (more on that later). And we figured we'd hit the Barnes and Noble on 86th as it's bigger than the one on Lex.

We went to Cilantro's on 2nd Ave between 88th and 89th, and it was quiet when we got there - only one other table was occupied. Rick was in the mood for more breakfasty type food, but I was up for lunch. Rick ordered a breakfast burrito, and it came with a glop of what I think was supposed to be hash browns. Hmmmm. Rick said they were cold. Hmmmm.

I ordered a brunch special as well - a fish burrito and there was a salad on the side. Sorry yours wasn't so good Rick, but mine was really good :) The fish was blackened with a nice warm chile spice - it wasn't so hot that you couldn't taste the fish, but it was enough to season the entire burrito. It was filled with fish, white rice, black beans, pico de gillo and sour cream. I think if I made this at home, I would take the chill off the sour cream before putting it in the burrito.

Rick ended up getting some hot sauce, and according to him, cold potatos taste good when they have hot sauce on them :)