Saturday, October 11, 2008

Revel - a restaurant in the meat packing district

While in the Meat Packing District for the Food and Wine Festival in New York City, we needed some dinner!! I'll admit - I made reservations via Open Table at Paradou, but we walked by and were a little scared. We stopped next door and were quite pleased with the space and the food!

Revel had a nice covered garden for dinner - it usually opens at 5:30 for dinner, but since we stopped by at 5:00 they stopped everything and served us :)

We started with cocktails. The server suggested the Pummello Martini and I agreed. Wow it was tasty. Grapefruit vodka along with grapefruit juice according to the server is what made this fabulous cocktail. Something tells me they left out the secret spice :)

The birdhouse was made from wine crates and attached to a tree in the middle of the dining room, which was in the "garden". So pretty.

Rick and I both had the filet mignon - a nice piece of meat, and I was surprised to see that Rick had to cut away fat and gristle. I ordered mine medium rare, and it really came almost medium well. Only a little pink left. The steaks were served in heated cast iron pan, and this further cooked the steaks, but the heat was needed because the steaks were luke warm. It tasted good so I just ate it. He had the Pomme de Terre for a side -thin layers of potatoes with cheese and a cream sauce, also served in a cast iron dish. I had a side dish that isn't on the menu on the web - roasted beets with stilton cheese. Oh Yum! The beets were cut in a jullienne, the bottom was crispy and the stilton salty. A nice combination :)