Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cotton in Manchester NH

Over the holidays we made our way back to the Southern NH area, and met up with Ann and Mike for dinner. They picked us up at the Sheraton on John Devine Drive, and brought us to Cotton. Both Rick and I remembered coming to this location when it was an Italian joint a million years ago. We didn't remember the interior at all - it was simple, clean and well lit (meaning the lights were just dim enough so we all looked like we were 20 again, and light enough so we could figure out what we were eating).
We sat, and chatted and ordered drinks - there was a nice selection of draft beers. Ann ordered Tuckerman's Pale Ale, and Mike ordered iced tea. Rick ordered his usual grey goose on the rocks after getting a little excited that they had the L'Orange, but unfortunately they were out. I ordered pinot grigio, and asked the waitress pointed me to the drier of the two, and her suggestion was excellent!
We ordered appetizers next - Mike had the green salad - it was fresh and crisp - he shared and I appreciated it! Ann and Rick shared an order of pot stickers - and these were nice as I'd expect - an asian pork mixture wrapped in a dough surround with a light dipping sauce. I tried the mushroom strudel - mixture of sauteed mushrooms and boursin cheese wrapped in a puffed pastry boardering on filo. It was tasty and flakey, but I must admit I preferred my Champignons Sautee au Beurre avec L'ail.
Next were entrees - Ann debated between the Turkey Schnitzel and the lobster and chicken carbonara, and she ended up having the Turkey. I got a taste! It was on a base of mashed potatoes, and then buttered green beans were layered next. The next topper was the crispy schnitzel, and it was topped with this amazing bourbon applesauce. Delish! For $15.50 you really could not beat it. Actually for $10 more, I'd still be pleased. I ordered the carbonara. The lobster had been frozen (I'm so spoiled), but the chicken was nicely cooked - juicy and delicious. There were also bacon bits along with mushrooms and peas with pasta and the light creamy sauce. I enjoyed it! Mike and Rick both had the steak frites - a nice bistro meal.
We had a great visit - the location was conducive to visiting and lots of merriment. If you are in Manchester, I'd definitely give Cotton a try!