Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Parties

Last night I went to meet some friends and alumni from the reserve. We had a great time catching up at Jack Dempsey's. Jessie set it all up (party goddess!). We had cocktails and some appetizers. The Medley had wings (buffalo, bbq or teriyaki), chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks and potato skins. We tried both the buffalo and teriyaki, and the wings were good! Nice and meaty and good sized, served with a mild bleu cheese dressing. The star of the platter, though, were the chicken fingers. Nicely cooked, very lightly breaded, juicy and delicious! A balanced honey mustard accompanied these bites. The mozzerella sticks were standard, served with a little marinara. The potato skins were not fried enough - like flabby french fries topped with crisp bacon and cheese and some sour cream on the side. If I go back, I think those chicken fingers will be on my plate :)
Marlene was there early and called to let me know that she and Bob needed company. I was able to easily convince Mike to join us. Jessie and Jocelyn came soon after. We took silly pictures :) Good to see everyone!