Monday, December 14, 2009

Football Sunday!

On Sunday I was anxious to go to the ESPN Zone - I'd heard it was fun, and the Patriots were going to play at 1:00 so we had a chance of getting a seat. At least that was what I was thinking. I was wrong. At 11:30 we arrived and the room where the Patriots were on was already full with a waiting list. Well, that was the end of that. We decided to head over to the Frat row in Murray Hill. We walked into Mercury Bar - we were the second group there for the day. It worked out well that we were early, because even though they have the NFL Ticket (the only way to get to see all NFL games), I don't think they have enough TVs to show all the games. We asked the hostess where the Patriots would be shown, and we parked ourselves infront of that TV.
Mercury Bar offers football specials. You can get a bucket of beer (6 bottles) for $30, a pint of domestic draft for $7 or a pony keg (see the picture) for $45. We did end up getting a bucket, but there wasn't enough ice to keep the top half of the bottle cold. I can't imagine those pony kegs and how warm they would get.
The Patriots played the Panthers at Gillette, and they won!