Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sardi's and 39 Steps

Last night I was able to snag a ticket for Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps on Broadway. I left early so I could pick up my ticket before the show, and I got to the Helen Hayes Theater at about 7, and the show started at 8. I decided to stop next door at Sardi's. How could I skip NYC's iconic theater location? As I entered, I saw a sign that there was a cocktail lounge upstairs. Bonus! I'm there! I ordered a Cosmo - not too sweet, and the attentive bartender brought it over. The bar had large bowls of pretzles, peanuts, and crocks of cheese with crackers. I met a few interesting folks - a couple in town for a company Christmas party, a woman who just bought a new apartment and is renovating her was a nice break.
I went next door to enter the theater and find my seat. Bonus! I was in the 4th row orchestra seats! The Helen Hayes Theater is older and smaller, and there was no coat check. I stuffed my coat and my butt in the tiny seat and started looking at the Playbill. The show was initially set in London in the '30's. A few scenes had the actors smoking, and there was a lot of smoke used through out the first act. Being so close to the stage, it was really bothering me, so I left. It was too bad because the actors were very good. I think it is very hard to do physical comedy, and these people were *really* good :) 39 Steps is closing January 10th, so be sure to get tickets (for the back of the theater).