Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blackened Fish Burrito at Cilantro on the UES

Rick and I were a little antsy today and decided to go out for a late brunch. It's a gorgeous day today - about 40 and sunny, and there isn't a lot going on. Even the offerings at the movies weren't grabbing us. Mexican food - that was grabbing us. I always think yumm - guacamole, but somehow I never seem to get any!

We walked over to Cilantro's and picked up an Onion on the way. We ordered a couple of diet cokes, and perused the brunch menu. I remembered a phone call from my parents on New Years Eve sharing with me that they were at the Palm Street Pier and that there were some fish tacos coming their way. fish tacos here, but there is a nice blackened fish burrito! I ordered that, and Rick ordered the philly cheese steak quesadilla. It was good to get out, read some of the jokes in the Onion and fill our tummies with something that didn't make the kitchen messy!