Saturday, January 10, 2009

Patti LuPone in Gypsy

This afternoon I took the 5 to 59th street and switched to the R to get to Times Square. I'm on my way to see a matinee of Gypsy on Broadway!

It was snowing when I left and I thought, hmmmm, seems like when I go to Times Square it's always snowing. At least it was last time :)

The St James Theater is just up Broadway and a left on 44th Street. There are a lot of theaters on this street, and it is exciting to walk with all the other broadway lovers to the show.

It is a very old theater and it reminded me of the Music Hall in Portsmouth prior to it's renovation. I sat it the second to last row of the Theater and if I looked across I was at the same level as the chandeliers :)

This show was absolutely everything you would ever want in a Broadway musical and MORE. Patti LuPone was AMAZING. It's kind of sad that after all the Tony awards it has won it is scheduled to close, but I guess it gives Patti a chance for a break and the opportunity to do the next amazing thing.

I may have to go back to see her again. It was really that good.

The story was a sweet one - if you aren't familiar with Gypsy, essentially LuPone's role is one of a stage mother of 2 daughters and all the things that happen as they grow up. She loves showbusiness.

If you get a chance to get to NYC before March, this is the show to see. It will close after that, but I'll still have my memories :)