Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mini Kitchen in NYC

I'm starting to think about doing an upgrade to our kitchen. We have a VSK (very small kitchen) and all in all I think the space was designed pretty well. I've done a good bit of cooking as you can see from my blog entries, and I had to be very thoughtful about what I chose to bring in to this tiny space.
As we consider the project, I must say to my friends who do not live in Manhattan that I expect this project to be full of surprises. The coordination and approvals required will make this a very complex project, so I don't want to make mistakes if I can help it. The co-op board must approve the plan, and then the process of demolition and getting rid of the old appliances, cabinetry and flooring - securing a reservation on the elevator to remove these items, then bringing in new items, etc, etc, etc... Who knows if we will have to turn off the gas or water to make these upgrades, and whether it will affect our neighbors.
I'd like to focus on functional, long lasting and easy care items - countertops, backsplashes, flooring - anyone who has opinions about the materials you have in your kitchen, please post comments. I had a friend who spent a lot installing corian counter tops, only to be disappointed because they are so soft they are easily scratched. She put a cardboard box on the counter and later slid it off, and it it left big scratches. She wasn't happy.
Also - does anyone have one of those under mounted sinks? Do you find it difficult to clean where the sink meets the counter top?
Does anyone have cork flooring? Does it seem long lasting? Is it hard to clean?
We are lucky that since our kitchen is so small, it will cost less than most kitchen re-do's. Thanks for your suggestions!