Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rare View - What Took Me So Long?

When we first moved to Murray Hill, Rare was on the list of places to try, but some how we never quite made it there. Then summer came, and frankly we only tried places where we could see outdoor seating. One day walking by Rare, I noticed a little sign around the corner - Rare View was open. Hmmm...what's that? A quick search on the web indicates it's a roof deck that opens after 4 weather permitting. Cool!

I forgot my camera (grrrr...) but got these photos from Yelp. I was surprised there weren't any shots of the Chrysler Building, as there is a fabulous view of it as well.
I got there around 6 pm last night, and the very well dressed security guard walked me to the elevator (!). I walked out to the deck from the elevator, and there were a number of bed/couch type areas separated by garden lattice and green vines and assorted plants. Hmmm... Rounding a couple more corners, I found the bar area with tables and chairs, and canopy of fun lights. I sat at a table and ordered a Flirtini while I waited for Rick. Music was playing at a nice level - 80's dance music a la C.W. Post. I texted Ann while I waited, and cursed my memory for not bringing the camera.
Rick arrived, and we had some drinks (he tried the raspberry mojito and I tried the blood orange cosmo - the Flirtini continued to be my fave), enjoying the weather - warm enough for comfort, no humidity - just perfect. No food on this deck - just a little bar mix with peanuts, pretzles, etc. We sat and chatted enjoying the NYC atmosphere, and watched them turn on the lights on the Chrysler building :)
I can't believe it's almost the end of September and only now I am finding out about this neighborhood gem in MY neighborhood. Well - I'll enjoy it while it's still available, and look forward to it in the Spring :)