Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tonic East

It's raining today, but earlier this week I was out and about and I happened upon Tonic East again. The sign touting the open roof deck for lunch held too much allure - I had to at least see the roof deck. I'm really glad I did!
During the mid week lunch, there were all of 2 other tables occupied at Tonic East. With the free drinks for chicks during certain hours, and spin the wheel for cocktail specials, I would not be surprised to see a wet t-shirt contest occurring here at night. But during the day, you can just enjoy the sun, have a beer and a sandwich, and be thankful that they offer such a nice service to the neighborhood (sharing their rooftop deck :)
Food was pretty good for lunch specials - I took half of my roast beef panini home, but it was delish :) I'm not sure I'd go for the floor show at night, but a nice surprise during the day.