Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barbounia, a Mediterranian delight!

Tuesday nights are the preferred Date Night at the LaFleur house. Head out after work, have a cocktail and then dinner. It gives us a chance to try out new restaurants while it's not so busy. We get great service, and aren't overburdened by a full dining room.

This time we came to Barbounia - a mediteranian restaurant that turns out to have delicious food and a gorgeous dining room!

To start we ordered a tray of tastes including tatziki, hummus and babaganoush. It came with a freshly baked flat bread . I asked for some veggie dippers for Rick who is low carbing it, and they were happy to add cucumber slices. They also offer olives, but damn - I just can not seem to like those salty yucky little bits. I like olive oil, and the flavor olives add to a dish, but I just don't like olives to eat. Anyway - nobody forces you to eat olives, and that is a good thing. The tatziki was wonderfully fresh and garlicy, the hummus was fresh and rich, and the babaganoush was light and garlicy. All were very yummy!
For dinner I ordered the Branzino - it was very fresh and well seasoned. I orderd it to be fileted in the kitchen, but I think next time I would have it served whole - the edges were a little over cooked, so I don't think it was fileted after cooking. Rick ordered the steak - he asked for spinach rather than the potatoes. Initially the server said we were unable to make substitutions, however she managed to get the extra side taken off the bill before providing the bill. We were thankful.
Barbounia has a lively bar scene - happy hour specials are only allowed at the bar, but the dining room allows a little more space early in the evening, and we genuinely enjoyed it. Come to Barbounia and listen to your server's suggestions - she knows what she is talking about!