Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suzee's Steak and Cheese Omelet

This morning Rick and I did laundry and had coffee, but didn't really eat anything. When noon came along, I figured it was time to do something about that! We had some left over steak from a previous dinner, and I always try to keep eggs and american cheese in the house. Rick's doing the atkins again and you can always make something low carb with eggs and cheese.

I used my new circulon fry pan that replaced my last teflon pan. I really try to replace non-stick pans annually - having bits of teflon in your food is probably not too good for your health. Perhaps this one will last longer. So, this 10" circulon pan really runs hot, so I cook my omelets on the lowest flame I can fathom on my gas stove.

2 jumbo eggs
2 oz cooked steak, warmed in a skillet and cut into a pretty small dice
1 slice of american cheese
1t butter
1T sugar free ketchup

Whisk the eggs in a bowl until the whites are yellows are all the same. Melt the butter in the pan, and add the eggs. When the eggs are setting a bit on the bottom, but the top is still liquid, use your fork to scootch back the edge of the eggs, and tip the pan to allow the raw egg contact with the pan (please note - scootch is a very technical term!). Do this all the way around the pan until the egg is mostly set. Add your steak pieces and scatter them fairly evenly. Break the cheese slice in half and place it over the steak. By the time your egg is cooked, the cheese should be starting to melt. Fold the omelet, and serve on a dinner plate with ketchup.

Bon Appetit!