Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today's Shopping Steal!

Today I went shopping for shoes. It's hard to buy shoes in NYC because you have to walk in them. No, really - how often in the 'burbs do you walk a mile in your heels on concrete? Heck - even sneakers are awful on concrete. I've been wearing Danskos to walk in - they have good arch support and compared to other supportive shoes, they are a bargain. Today I was looking for brown shoes for work, and I came upon these babies on sale at Shoe Mania in Union Square. They fit like a glove, or like a hand caressing your foot in a pleasing way. They are hand made in Italy. It didn't say what the original price was on the shoe, but the floor manager let me know that originally these were $400, and this was the last pair. And I was getting them for the price of a pair of Danskos (less than 1/2 price). Damn I'm psyched - this is my first NYC deal!!

Aren't they beautiful???