Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Sugar Cookies

When I got my Christmas Care Package, I was wondering if I still even had a rolling pin. Ann told me - just use a glass. Poof. Rolling pin. My glasses are short double old fashions, so I started looking around for something a little more efficient. Ho, Ho, Ho! Rick's Grey Goose bottle is not only a nice long shape, but it is also even up and down! Poof! Rolling pin!

I don't have my cook books here in the city, so I didn't have Roses's Christmas Cookies with me. This book is a wonderful source of cookiedom. Given Rick is also known as the cookie monster, it's a great book to have :)

I found a sugar cookie recipe on Epicurious, and the dough was one of those that can be used for multiple cookies, so I figured I'd give it a shot. It suggested that if you use Plugra butter, the results are even more amazing. I figured, hey, it's only fifty cents more a pound here in the city - worth a try.
I did cheat on the chilling part of the dough - I was supposed to wait 3 hours, and I only waited 1. The resulting cutouts showed that I should have been more patient.
The good news is that they tasted quite nice, and even better the next day :)