Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Dinner with Ann and Mike

Last week Rick and I got the chance to have dinner with Ann and Mike in Portsmouth. We walked from the Sheraton over to the Blue Mermaid. I told Rick about the summer Ann and I searched the town over for the best margarita in Portsmouth. This was back in the day when the Blue Mermaid was the new guy in town, and that summer they won! We next stopped at Brazo - we were last there just before our move to Manhattan with Ann and Mike as well as Kathy and Ken. I wanted one of those Hemingway Daquiris. Unfortunately I was disappointed as it was no longer on the special cocktail menu, and the bartender couldn't remember how to make it :(

We had a reservation via Open Table and went to Jumpin Jays for dinner. We started with appetizers - Ann had the Native Beet Salad with the sweet potato tots, and she kindly let me taste! Rick had the roasted beet salad (another of my favorites - I got a taste of this too!). Mike and I each had the mussels and oh ho ho! They were amazing! For dinner, Ann selected the pan seared scollops with the mushroom sauce, Mike got a fish with the lobster veloute, Rick got the chicken picata and I had the Portugese Fisherman's Stew. I was pleased with the different entrees except for the chicken picata - we've had the haddock picata before, and it is wonderful. The chicken picata is nothing like that. Ah well - can't win them all....

We all stopped back at the Sheraton for a night cap, and despite my urging, Ann and Mike decided to drive back to Amherst that night. It was great to catch up with friends and share laughs :)