Friday, December 26, 2008

Lunch-O-Licious Lobster!

She is looking at you!

Last time we went to Petey's was back in August. Today I got to go again!

I've had a hankering for lobster, but I just can't bring myself to pay NYC prices. It is just too painful.

But since I was in the seacoast today, running all the errands I need to get done before we go back to the big apple, I asked Rick to bring me here :)

Rick ordered some onion rings to start, and we had a diet coke and a water. Then I got the twin lobster special - 2 softshells! It came with potato and coleslaw, and I didn't touch either of those - I kinda felt bad, but really, why have those when you have lobster on your plate??? Rick ordered the fried chicken sandwich with cole slaw rather than fries.

Can you believe the entire bill, including tax and tip was only $40???