Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rosa Mexicana at Union Square

I decided today to get my butt up and do some Christmas shopping. I had plans, but no gifts, so needed to change that :) I brought back a coat Rick had ordered on the internet from Macy's. It wasn't too crowded, so I looked for a holiday blouse or sweater. No luck. Looked for some stocking stuffers for Rick - also no luck. I knew there was a reason I tried to finish all Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving....

I went from Macy's to Union Square to visit the Holiday Market again. I found what I was looking for (yay! some success!) and moved on to Filene's Basement - no luck there. OK - time for some lunch. There has to be a place around here where I can sit down and eat.

I came upon Rosa Mexicana and remembered the name as they have prepared meals from Fresh Direct, so I figured I'd give it a try.

I was able to get a seat right away, and I ordered some Sopa de Tortilla and Ceviche de Huachinango.

The soup was **so amazing**. The soup came in a rimmed bowl with some chicken and a few toasted torilla strips in the bottom. The server poured the broth over the chicken and it was smooth and smokey and spicy and rich. I need to figure out how to make this soup. It was like the tortillas were pureed to make the broth thick, and also some smoked chiles pureed as well. It was absolutely delicious.

The ceviche, not so much.

After lunch I decided to hit the grocery store to make Rick a nice dinner - chicken with rice and gravy - his favorite :) And I thought I'd make some cranberry bread too. It turned out pretty tasty :)