Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Angelo and Maxie's

When Ann visited, we had a chance to try out Angelo and Maxie's down on Park. We had already strolled through Shoe Mania at Union Square looking for those fabulous fall boots, meandered our way through the flowers, gourds and late tomatoes at the Farmers Market, and shopping our way down Park at the Park Avenue street fair. When we came upon the 3 course lunch special at Angelo and Maxie's, we had to stop!
Appetizer selections for the special included a garden salad, a caesar salad, or soup of the day. That day's soup was chicken and veggie - Ann ordered it, and was pleased with it's salty goodness. I had the garden salad and I was very impressed - nice lettuce and tomatoes, and the usual fresh accoutrements, but then it was topped with fried onion straws! Woo!
The entree selections included filet mignon, grilled chicken or grilled salmon. Hello? Who would order anything other than the filet? It was delish, and cooked to perfection!
Dessert options included NY cheesecake, ice cream or fruit. Ann passed entirely on dessert - she said she was full. I wanted to try the cheesecake - it was amazing - chocolate running through it and the fresh blueberry coulis over the top. The waiter brought 2 forks, and I did notice a big hole on Ann's side :) There was no way to finish it, but it was tangy, creamy heaven!
The entire special was priced at $20.99. That just can't be beat! I highly recommend a visit!