Friday, November 20, 2009

Cupcake Stop Dot Com - Keep Going.

I was out and about getting last minute goodies for our trip to South Padre (woo! Leaving tomorrow!!!), and I walked by a cupcake truck. Seriously.
They were offering 5 different varieties of cupcakes - double chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, peanut butter and jelly and some kind of hazelnut flavor (I've forgotten the actual name). Regular size cupcakes are $2.50 (not the mongo, cupcakes as big as your head size. regular size like your mom made when you were a kid), and mini cupcakes are 12 for $12. I wanted to try all the flavors (except the peanut butter and jelly), so I got the variety pack of minis. I had dreams of deliciousness like Melissa's Cupcakes. I was so mistaken.
The statement on the side of the truck claims these cupcakes were baked fresh daily. These cupcakes were not from today. The red velvet was nice, but not nearly as nice as others. The vanilla was nice too, if you like vanilla (I wouldn't have chosen this one if I was going to select one). The chocolate was reminiscent of an old hostess cupcake from the 100 calorie pack (minus the cream filling). I was so disappointed.
In a town with so many cupcake outlets, skip this one...