Friday, November 20, 2009

Live Bait - Cute Joint!

Yesterday I was caught without an umbrella - the weather dude indicated the rain was over, but he was wrong. I was getting pretty drenched, so I decided to stop in at Live Bait for lunch and hope that when I was done, the rain would be too.
I sat at the bar and looked around at the "Southern Hospitality" decor reminiscent of BBQ joints across the city. I ordered a miller lite, and checked out the menu. On the specials (which were laminated like the regular menu) there were fish and chips. Yum! It has been forever
I enjoyed my beer while I read "Greywalker" (nice paranormal novel - I'd recommend it if you like fun reads), and when my lunch came, I was surprised to find fish pieces rather than a filet. I took a bite with the nice roumelade sauce provided, and was pleasantly surprised. The coating was crunchy and spicy, but not overwhelmingly so, and the fish was fresh and tasty! As a lowbrow joint kind of place, I was pretty pleased with lunch and staying dry. Thumbs up for Live Bait!