Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bumble and bumble


They do actually spell it with a small "b" on the second bumble on the logo :)
Murphy's law is your hair always looks fabulous on the day you have a hair appointment after looking crappy for the last week :)

Today I had an appointment with Pauline and Coco. I really missed Emily who did my hair for like 15 years. Pauline did my color - she said that Emily did an amazing job with my color previously :) I was in desperate need of color and Pauline did a fabulous job. I will definitely go back to her. And Coco, I need to see my hair with me drying it. Everyone, including Jessie, says she is a goddess with curly hair. She said if I have any problems to just let her know.
I let Coco do all the things I never let anyone do. Cut my hair with a razor, use thinning shears...

When I walked up to the salon, I was surprised there was a line out the door, but I was quickly checked in and given a tour. The first floor has 30 hair cutting stations, a cafe, coat check and waiting area. I was sent up to the 3rd floor for color. There were 10 sinks, and I'm not sure how many stations. Each sink has a reclining chair with massage (woo!). This is one heck of a busy place.
My appointment was at 1:15 pm and I left at 12:30 or so. Got there at 1:00. Took the 4/5 to 59th street and walked south on Lex to the salon - only 3 blocks. I didn't have my phone or my watch (whoops) but got home around 5:30. I think next time I'll do just the cut or just the color. That is just way too long....
At least it was a rainy, humid Saturday :)