Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Market at Union Square

This morning I woke up and it was bright and sunny :) Ann had planned to visit the city today on a bus tour, and we were going to catch up, take in some sights and have some fun. Unfortunately, Halle, Ann's favorite puppy got cut on her cornea, so Ann is putting lots of medicine in Halle's eye many times today, tomorrow and the next day. Hopefully Halle will feel better soon.

I decided today to go out and do what we had planned even if Ann couldn't make it. First stop was at the Holiday Market at Union Square. I got to the train, and there was a problem they were trying to work out with the 4/5/6 line. I wondered if I should take a taxi, but remembered what a pain it is to get south of that darn Met Life building, so I decided to wait. It didn't end up being too long thankfully :)

The first picture above is in the Holiday Market - full of wonderfully unique items. Once I got here, I remembered how Rick and I had visited the weekend of Thanksgiving last year, and we had stopped here. This year the goods seem even better if that is possible.

I ended up buying a few items (which was not my intent at all). The amazing cocktail rings here were so sparkley and gorgeous. I thought of buying one for my mom for Christmas, but I haven't had too much luck picking out rings for her. I remembered her fingers are smaller than mine, and when they didn't have a size smaller than a 7, I figured it was kismet and she would enjoy something else this year (though Mom, if you do like these rings I can always go back - tell me asap :)

I also bought one of the herb wreaths - it is made of rosemary and thyme and it smells just heavenly. Plus you can beat it up and it doesn't care :) I put it on the table in a dish as Rick suggested and after adding a tall fat unscented candle, it will be perfect for the apartment :)
And I got some fresh brussel sprouts too (don't forget the Farmers Market is here year round). I thought about trying some Pear Cider, but I wasn't up for juggling a hot cup without a top. There were lots of daikon radishes, but alas, no watermelon radishes. There were some Cheese Pumpkins - they were too big to buy and cook to see if they really taste cheezy :)

I got on the train to head to the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Market, and since the trains were so flakey today I decided to save it for another NYC Saturday, of which there will be many.

Ann says the bus tour she planned to be on today happens every year at this time, and next year she will try again. Though I don't think she will wait that long for a visit where she can stay on the barcalounger :)