Sunday, November 30, 2008

Capital Grille - NYC

Last night we went to the Capital Grille near 42nd and Lex. Rick wanted to go to a steak house, and I do want to try Strip at some point, but tonight we are heading to a show as well, and Strip is on the other side of town. I had been to the Capital Grille in Boston (it was fabulous), and I really wanted to hit a place that was not a chain, but wasn't able to find one in mid town or in the Theater district.

At any rate, there is a reason why the Capital Grille has successful restaurants all over the country. They are very good at what they do.

We got to our table and it was in a nook where it was like our own private dining room - very nice. We ordered cocktails, and I asked for a Cosmo - not too sweet. This was the only disappointing part of the meal - it was still to sweet.

We started with the French Onion Soup - still on our quest for the best bowl :)

Out of 5 stars:

Presentation = An extra large white soup crock matching the dishes used throughout the meal, browned cheese melted over the top, a paper doily caught spills. 5 *****

Broth Flavor = I thought the broth fresh, not salty, but not as rich and complex as others. I missed the complexity, but not the salt. 3 ***

Bread/Crouton = The bread was toasted, and cripsy still in the soup. It could have been toasted just a little more, but very good. 3 ***

Onion Content = Lots of onions and most were spoon sized, though a few were unweildy. 3***

Cost = $10 - Average price for the locale 3***

Total = 3.4 Stars

Now of course you don't head to the Capital Grille for the onion soup - though you could stop at the bar for a soup snack. We were here for the MEAT.

Rick elected to have the Sliced Filet Mignon with cippolini onions and sauteed mushrooms. I chose the simple Delmonico steak. It's my favorite cut - I have no problem leaving all the fat behind :) The meat was cooked perfectly - something we appreciate all the more now as we don't have a grill anymore! We selected a lovely Sonoma Valley Cabernet Souvignon. We had Au Gratin potatoes and steamed asparagus with hollandaise. The potatoes I think were the best au gratin potatoes I've ever had - the creamy sauce was rich and garlicy, the potatoes were thinly sliced and cooked perfectly - just a tiny bit of bite to them so they held together. And there were crunchy onion bits on top. My gosh - they were amazing! The asparagus was very fresh and sweet, cooked just right, and the hollandaise was marvelously thick and worked wonderfully with the veggie.

I think overall this meal was the best one we have had in Manhattan so far. I felt it was a sin to leave our left overs behind, but we were headed to the Theater, so there was no place to safely keep them. Next time only dinner :)