Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making Our Way to SPI - Nice Condo!

OK - those commercials for Dial 7 car service to the airport - yup, it's all good. They showed up at o-dark-thirty (on time) and brought us to Newark. We had a little starbucks and a bagel after we got through security (yes, they still make you take off your shoes, but they totally missed the water bottle I accidentally left in my purse). We were on Continental, and the plane was practically brand new. Nice ride. Once we got to Brownsville, we picked up our car from Avis. $199 to rent the car for the week, and another $400 for the insurance. That was a surprise - glad we got it though - it bottomed out a couple times crossing Padre Blvd.

The folks at Service24 were very nice and we got the keys to the condo. It was in a great location, and beautiful - King sized bed, around the corner from the beach, around the corner from the bay, pool and a nice little patio :)

Nice sunrise, don't you think? Less than a block away :)